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About us in a few words

We, the Office of Self-Motivated Groups, are the largest and oldest student organization at Corvinus. We are constantly trying to boost the University’s social and student life. We aim to integrate first-year students into the university lifestyle and to invigorate the student organizations and overall social life at Corvinus. To achieve these goals, we organize various programs and different social events, for example, Freshmen’s Camp, Freshmen’s Ball  and numerous smaller events.

Our history

The Office of Self-Motivated Groups was founded in 1972, at Marx University (Marx Egyetem) at the time, as an organization uniting different interest groups. As time passed, the disparate divisions detached from ÖCSI, and by 1991, ÖCSI became what it is today, the largest student organization of Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration, then later of Corvinus University of Budapest operating with over 200 members.


ÖCSI is a legally registered, official, non-profit organization, whose members, the instructors, spend the majority of their time with the group – of course, the work they do is voluntary. The role of the instructors is to integrate and guide the Budapest campus’ freshmen into life at the University. The organization’s two main events are the Freshmen’s Camp and the Freshmen’s Ball.

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