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Week 0

After the Freshmen’s camp, at the beginning of the autumn semester, you can explore the university and its vicinity with the help of your instructors! We will show you around all 3 buildings of Corvinus while unveiling their little secrets, introduce you to our favorite and most iconic spots, and help you register for the school library. Next up, we will show you the greatest restaurants and bars in the area and the week is finished off with a legendary party to get the semester started in style!

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Freshmen's Boatparty

The Freshmen’s Boat (Közgáz Gólyahajó) is possibly the most beloved event of the autumn semester. An evening on the Danube, where you can have a toast with your newly acquainted mates in the beautiful lighting of the Parliament. Every Freshmen’s Boat is spiced up with a unique theme, so it will always be an unforgettable experience.


Afterglow Days

With the Afterglow Days (formerly known as Team Camp), we bring back the vibes of the Freshmen’s Camp, thus also providing an opportunity to experience it for those who could not join us back in August. The camp usually has a light-hearted and family-like environment and of course, two nights of endless partying!


ÖCSI Carnival

When the exam period is finally over, we come together to relieve the exam stress in the form of a carnival! At this thematic event, you can never be sure about who is hiding behind the costumes! All freshmen and instructors get together to start the semester with a bang and get ready for the integration period.

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Integration period

We try to make the spring semester just as special for the freshmen as the autumn semester. Our integration period begins in February and goes on until April. During this period, we’ll arrange weekly programs which include three weekend camps to make sure that everyone is part of the team! The integration is special not only because of the countless shared experiences but also this is your first opportunity to catch a glimpse into what it’s like to be an instructor.

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