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Onboarding Week

You could meet us during the Onboarding Week at various places; we helped you enroll, showed you around the buildings of Corvinus’ Budapest campus, organized a number of fun events for you, like the Pub Tour (Kocsmatúra) and the following afterparty and the Freshmen’s Day, succeeded by the Freshmen’s Party, the latter organized hand-in-hand with Corvin Nights and HÖK.

Pub Tour

The 2022 ÖCSI Pub Tour was held on August 29th with almost 600 freshmen and 80 instructors. The participating freshmen could get to know Budapest’s most famous pubs in four simultaneous rounds while trying fun games. The night then continued at REMIX where you could party with your favorite ÖCSI DJs. 


Freshmen's Day

The Freshmen’s Day was organized by ÖCSI, Corvin Nights, and HÖK on August 31st, 2022, at Dürer Kert. The event started in the afternoon, then in the early evening the instructors at ÖCSI prepared a few games for you; you could win expensive drinks by participating in a huge rock-paper-scissors championship, then at various places, you had a chance to play several games; rapid dating, ball games, and various other fun activities. 

Freshmen's Party

August 31st was concluded at Symbol Budapest, at the Freshmen’s Party where, alongside Corvin Nights artists, you could also let your hair down with ÖCSI’s DJs, playing your favorite songs.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the events of Onboarding Week!
We hope you had fun and will join us at our events later this fall as well!

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