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The Freshmen’s Ball is the largest indoor gala held at a monument-like building in Central Europe and is organized by ÖCSI traditionally every year, around the end of November.

Corvinus University’s Building E creates a unique atmosphere for you, first-year attendees, for it presents you a chance to party at a place, where perhaps days ago, you were trying to prepare for a test.

The event’s exclusive location, of course, does not mean that we forget about everything else. At the Ball, you can consume your favorite alcoholic drinks at various bars, and after ensuring your mood is terrific, you can dance through the night. Different Hungarian and foreign musical artists will guarantee your entertainment on all three floors of the building.


Amongst all of these, the instructors will be waiting for you at unique locations, with distinct themes, to make the night even more authentic for you. These locations are made up of strictly hand-made pieces, which we prepare at the University before the event, in the evenings (more often than not, nights) after classes.

After reading all of this, the Freshmen’s Ball might sound like an event with a festival-like ambiance, but not to worry, the traditional components of a ball will also appear at the occasion. Girls are to wear gowns and boys are expected to show up in suits, and all freshmen will be welcomed with a glass of champagne. Succeeding entry, dances with weeks of practice behind them will be performed as the event’s opening feat and later a Ball Queen and King will be selected.

We could write several other facts about the Freshmen’s Ball, but we would rather encourage you to come and participate, and find out why this night is one of the most important events of your university life, right after the Freshmen’s Camp. 

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