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The Freshmen’s Camp of Corvinus University of Budapest is organized every year in August. 

Over the course of five days, we prepare various team-building events and fun and exciting games for the participants, so they can get to know each other without limitations. They also get a chance to take a peek at what days at the University are like and at the themed parties and sunrises, they can make even more unforgettable memories. 


The Freshmen’s Camp is organized by the instructors, divided into different camps. At the beginning of the summer, we have team-building events (two weekend camps and programs during the week), so we can work together seamlessly. The concept of the FC comes to life the week before the main event, at the preparatory camp; decorations, tools, programs, and everything else we need to execute the event are arranged during that period. 


„It was very nice to get to know my classmates and I made a lot of friends!”

„I was pleasantly surprised! I was scared the programs were to be brutal and wild, but fortunately, that wasn’t the case and I had a great time!”

„It was much better than I anticipated, the instructors were kind, the bathrooms were clean and the food was delicious!”

„Everything was beyond my expectations! I’m glad the things I read online didn’t scare me away, because I’ve had a great week and gained a lot of new experiences and acquaintances!”

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