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Integration Period

When the spring semester begins, that’s when the integration period of ÖCSI begins too! This time usually lasts for two and a half months during which the curious ones can gain insight into the daily life of our organization with the help of different events and programmes, so by the end of the integration period, they can become instructors themselves too.

Introduction Night

The introduction night is the opening event of our integration period during which the students have the chance to get familiar with the organization and the tasks of an instructor. This night is not only about the function and programmes of ÖCSI, but also about the experiences of former and current instructors. After the event, the students and the instructors gather around based on the location of their Freshmen’s Camp, so they can begin the semester with some chat and pleasant memories.


Integration Camps

The main goal of these camps is to give a chance to the curious students to know more about ÖCSI, the duties of the instructors and of course about each other. That’s the reason why a one-day only and two weekend camps are held, during which the instructor-wannabes can participate in countless activities and have the opportunity to get a taste of the loving and close-knit atmosphere of ÖCSI. Another thing for sure: there will be no more secrets left!

Freshmen Clubs

Freshmen Clubs are essential during the integration period. The name stands for a series of events held on weekdays which help the students to escape a bit from their daily lives. During the three nights various programmes and events give the participants an insight into the life and practices of ÖCSI, so they can get to know the organization and their peers better.

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