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BCE Öntevékeny Csoportok Irodája

ÖCSI, with over 200 members, is one of the most popular student organizations at the University. We have been helping freshmen integrate into student society with our various programs since 1972. Our main events are the Freshmen’s Camp and the Freshmen’s Ball and besides these, we aim to enrich the first year of the newly enrolled students by organizing other camps and programs for them. Given our large number of members, the instructor society is very diverse, and the organization, with its various sections and fields, offers a chance for everyone to open their wings and test their limits. To be a member of ÖCSI is a lifestyle because the majority of our university years are spent with the organization at our public events and our workshops and team-building programs.


Freshmen's Camp

The perfect foundation for your university years! Come and meet your peers, make lifelong friendships, and party at the freshmen’s camp of one of the largest universities in the country!


Freshmen's Ball

The Freshmen’s Ball is the largest indoor gala held at a monument-like building in Central Europe. Experience it!

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